FLAME ’05/06 BLACK 16u

Hello, I am Coach Jerry McCadam. Our team is comprised of players that have a desire to improve their game and are willing and ready to do the work to reach their goals.

Our 16U Coaching Staff strives to create a culture that promotes and creates the best version each player can be, resulting in giving us growth and unity as a team. We do this through various methods, both physically and mentally. We use creative, well organized practice plans that are an efficient use of time, allowing the needed repetitions to grow foundational skills. The Staff will stress basic mechanical fundamentals to give us the best possible result and minimize the possibility of injury.

The Coaching Staff brings experience from a player’s perspective at the select ball, high school, and college levels.  The coaching staff have coached for many years at all of these various levels as well. We truly have a good understanding of what it takes to succeed at different levels of this sport. If an athlete is willing to do the work, we can give them challenges to help them succeed. We also utilize specialty coaches for hitting, pitching, catching and other parts of the game as needed.

Our long-term goal is to create confident players with a strong work ethic which will serve them well at any level of play,  and just as importantly, later in life.

If this sounds like an environment your athlete can thrive and succeed in, please contact me, Coach JMac, with any further questions about our team.


  • Desi Arnaiz
  • Zoe Crawford-Logue
  • Amirah Haque
  • Grayson Lopez
  • Bricelyn McCadam
  • Lily Rice
  • Ansley McKim
  • Erin Fennell
  • Isabella Buchan
  • Katherine Montpellier
  • Kiaya Varela
  • Ruby Salmon
  • Sofia Ayala Cordova
  • Leone Suamatai’a


  • Jerry McCadam / Manager and Coach / (425) 577-3217 / j.mccadam@travis-inc.com
  • Lacey Crawford-  Coach
  • Phil Scott- Coach
  • Heather Hinton-  Coach