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Flame Deep Clean Work Party – Monday Feb 17 10AM-4PM: Volunteers Wanted!

By February 14, 2020 No Comments

Monday is a holiday for most (Presidents Day) we thought it would be best to schedule the work party during the day so we minimize the impact on our afternoon and evening training times.  So we will plan on a 10am start and wrap up by 4pm.  We understand many families will be out of town for Mid-winter break but if we could get a good number there for at least a couple hours throughout the day we can make quick work of this project.

Here are the tasks we like to get completed on Monday (or as much as possible) so we don’t have to impact training times later in the week.

* Dusting of rafters, trusses, & walls to remove dirt and dust from construction and years of build-up. 

* Vacuum full facility including turf area and mezzanine (area above offices)

* Deep clean both bathrooms, move trophies in girl’s bathroom to mezzanine or install shelving in conference room/viewing rooms to place them.

* Vacuum and Mop rubber flooring in caged office area and weight area. 

* Move shelving where we currently have all of our balls and training supplies next to caged area (by girls’ bathroom) and organize.

* Take any remaining garbage, broken/damaged training equipment to transfer station (located up the street).

Items to bring:

Gloves, vacuum (both floor and shop vacs will be needed), mops & buckets, Swiffers or long reach dusters.